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Georgia :: State Rules and Regulation


Ga. Rules & Reg. 511-5-2-.01 (eff. Oct. 10, 2013)

Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies :

(1) Efficacy of Fluoridation:
(a) Dental decay is a disease of such magnitude that practically the entire population of Georgia suffers from it. No age group is immune and no social strata are exempt. Every major health organization in the state and nation advocates fluoridation of public water supplies as the most acceptable public health approach in reducing the tremendous backlog of this disease. The
medical, dental and public health professions in Georgia have repeatedly endorsed and even urged fluoridation through resolutions that are on file in the Department of Public Health.
(b) The Department strongly advocates community water fluoridation for preventing dental decay and for its beneficial effect on the general health of the public, and, in fulfilling its duty to the citizenry of the state, urges the immediate application of fluorides to all public water systems deficient in this element.
(c) For the most effective results in Georgia, the optimal concentration of fluorides in the
finished water should be maintained at 0.85 ppm. (0.85 of 1 part fluoride to one million parts of water) with a lower limit of 0.7 ppm. and an upper limit of 1.0 ppm. It is only through constantly maintaining the recommended average (0.85 ppm.) can the citizens expect maximum reduction
in tooth decay. Studies have shown proportionately reduced benefits when the fluoride concentration is maintained below the recommended average.
(2) Plans and Specifications:
(a) In order for a community to have the formal approval of the Department, the procedure must be carried out according to the Georgia Health Laws and Rules and Regulations.
(b) Duplicate plans and specifications covering the proposed fluoridation installation or installations, including all appurtenant devices, structures, laboratory equipment, storage and handling facilities, together with a report describing the fluoride compound to be used and the procedures to be followed in controlling the application of the chemical agent, shall be prepared by a Registered Engineer. The plan, specifications and report shall be submitted by the owner of the public water supply to the Department for review and approval.
(c) The Department will approve, disapprove or suggest changes or modifications to make
the plan acceptable, and will encourage corrections in public water supplies which are deficient in other major health protective features.


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