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Walker, Louisiana Municipal Code § 19-201; Walker, Louisiana Municipal Code § 19-202; Walker, Louisiana Municipal Code § 19-203; Walker, Louisiana Municipal Code § 19-204; Walker, Louisiana Municipal Code § 19-205; Walker, Louisiana Municipal Code § 19-206 (2006).

Date Adopted: 
Sun, 01/01/2006
Walker Code of Ordinances
Chapter 19-Utilities
Legislation Type: 
Article IV-Water
Division 3. Water Fluoridation
Sec. 19-201. Authorization, direction and responsibility.
Sec. 19-202. Funding.
Sec. 19-203. Introduction of fluoride.
Sec. 19-204. Records.
Sec. 19-205. Effectiveness of fluoridation program.
Sec. 19-206. Severability.
Legislation text: 
Sec. 19-201. Authorization, direction and responsibility. Water fluoridation. The Town of Walker acting through its water department is authorized and directed to fluoridated the town's water supply as soon as possible but in no event later than December 31, 2006, contingent upon receipt of grant funds, except as provided herein below and is thereafter responsible for the continued fluoridation of said water unless this division shall be subsequently rescinded or modified. (Ord. No. 2-2006-1, 2-13-06) Sec. 19-202. Funding. The mayor and board of alderman shall endeavor to develop one or more sources of recurring revenue which shall be dedicated by funding the cost of fluoridation as set forth in section 19-201 above. Such sources of funding may include a tax or surcharge on water consumption, and increase in water rates to include an amount necessary to provide the required funding and/or any and all other such sources of funding as may be identified by the mayor and board of aldermen as being necessary and appropriate. (Ord. No. 2-2006-1, § 2-13-06) Sec. 19-203. Introduction of fluoride. Upon the receipt of revenues adequate to fund the fluoridation process as set forth above, the mayor shall thereupon notify the board of aldermen of such fact and shall direct the town's water department to take the steps necessary to fluoridate the town's water supply, and shall introduce a fluoride compound into the water supply which meets American Water Works Association (AWWA) standards in such quantities as may be required to maintain throughout the town's water system a fluoride concentration at levels recommended by the United States Public Health Service or otherwise required by the health department of the State of Louisiana. (Ord. No. 2-2006-1, 2-13-06) Sec. 19-204. Records. The water department of the Town of Walker shall keep and maintain accurate records of the type and amount of fluoride compound introduced into the town's water supply and the quantities of water treated. The water department shall conduct and keep records of tests for fluoride compound in the treated and untreated water supplies in accordance with the Center for Disease Control engineering and administrative recommendations for water fluoridation, or as may be otherwise required by the health department of the State of Louisiana. The water department shall provide copies of the records required above to the mayor on a monthly basis except that copies of such records shall be provided more frequently if requested. Such records shall also be considered public records for the purposes of Louisiana's Public Records Act. (Ord. No. 2-2006-1, 2-13-06) Sec. 19-205. Effectiveness of fluoridation program. Notwithstanding any of the foregoing provisions of this section, this section shall not become effective unless and until the mayor and board of aldermen have developed one or more mechanisms or procedures by which to generate the revenues required to fund this fluoridation program. Until such time as the mayor shall give notice to the board of aldermen that a reliable, recurring source of revenue has been identified to provide the revenue required to provide the funding required of this project and that sufficient dedicated revenues have been generated to provide the funding required of this program, this section shall be of no force or effect. (Ord. No. 2-2006-1, 2-13-06) Sec. 19-206. Severability. If any provision of this division shall be held to be invalid, such invalidity shall not affect the other provisions herein which can be given effect without the invalid provision and to this end, the provisions of this division are hereby declared to be severable. (Ord. No. 2-2006-1, § 2-13-06)